Elena Fernandez-Fernandez, PhD

Elena Fernandez is a Eurotech Post-Doctoral Fellowship awardee at the Professorship of Computational Social Science and Big Data at the TUM School of Governance of the Technical University of Munich.

Her Post-Doctoral Research Project, Time, Technology and the Press. A Study of Accelerations of Time Perceptions during the Industrial and Digital Revolutions, aims to quantify the acceleration of the social construction of time by inspecting fluctuations in information density over time using Computational Research Methods. Taking as a time frame two clusters of time that coincide with the second and latest Industrial Revolutions, her research project will investigate information behavior historically as documented in the press of four different countries.

Her research profile incorporates Intellectual History, Cultural Studies, History of Ideas, and Technology in Society. She is as well particularly interested in Natural Language Processing and Computational Linguistics as a field of study in itself, as well as a methodology to be applied to Social Sciences and Humanities research.

Elena holds a PhD in Hispanic Languages and Literatures (University of California, Berkeley, 2019), a M.A. in Spanish Studies (University of Virginia, 2013), and a B.A. in English Philology (University of Salamanca, 2011). Her first book, Raza y nación. Procesos de construcción de identidades nacionales en España (1750-1833), will be published in 2020 by Peter Lang Publishing.


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