Wienke Strathern

Office: B.358
Phone: 089/ 907793 – 204


Wienke Strathern is a PhD Candidate in Computational Social Science & Big Data at TUM School of Governance / Technical University of Munich. She is currently working as a Research Associate in the project Online Firestorms and Resentment Propagation on Social Media: Dynamics, Predictability, and Mitigation and Online-Offline Spillovers - Potentail real-world implications of online manipulation.

Most recently, as a Research Associate at University of Bremen she managed a tool development for anonymizing qualitative interview data with Jürgen Pfeffer. At University of Munich (LMU) she worked as a Research Associate with Bernhard Huss in an interdisciplinary project on pluralization and authority in the Italian early modern period. She has several years of professional experience as a Project Manager and Editor in a publishing house. 

Wienke studied Italian, French and German Linguistics and Literature and Legal Studies at University of Munich (LMU), at University of Heidelberg and at University of Rome.

In her research she studie human behaviour in social media with a focus on language. She uses computer-assisted techniques and methods from quantitative linguistics and qualitative content analysis, experiments and social network analysis. Currently, she is looking at

– how people form moral outrages

– how people hate online

– how these processes can be interrupted.

Selected Publications

Strathern, Wienke; Schönfeld, Mirco; Ghawi, Raji; Pfeffer, Jürgen: Against the Others! Detecting Moral Outrage in Social Media Networks. IEEE/ACM International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining (ASONAM), 2020.

Strathern, Wienke; Issig, Moritz; Pfeffer, Jürgen: QualAnon - a Tool for anonymizing interview data, 2020.