Dr. Natasha Donevska

E-Mail: donevska@gmail.com

Dissertation Title: Integrating Nature Conservation and Sustainable Development - The Transformative Role of Participatory Governance

This research project was focused on the concept of an integrated approach to local economic development and nature protection, promoted by the United Nations through the concept of Biosphere Reserves. Dr. Donevska investigated the transformative effect of diverse approaches to participatory governance to integration of nature protection and sustainable development policy-making. The field research included cases in Canada, Israel, Germany and China.

Natasha Donevska holds a Master degree in International Cooperation and Development from the Institute for Advanced Studies IUSS – Pavia, Italy and a Master degree in Human Resource Management from the Univ. of Ss. Cyril and Methodius – Skopje, Macedonia. Since 2009 she works as a consultant for sustainable development around protected areas, mainly UNESCO World Heritage Sites and Biosphere Reserves.

The research was financially supported by the University Alliance for Sustainability and Technical University Munich.